Our Summer Szn of House Groups begin on Monday, June 15. From spiritual to practical, there are so many groups for you to choose from. If you would like more information, or interested in leading a group, click the button below and we will be in touch.



Moms need time to themselves to connect, encourage, vent (when necessary), pray together and just simply hangout. If you’re a mom, this group is for you.

Monday, 3 PM via Zoom
Led by Fernanda Rega


Based on Psalms 139 that says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, this group is an encouragement to women both young and young at heart. It’s a safe place to share and motivate each other to become the woman of God you were created to be.

Monday, 6 PM via Zoom
Led by Natalie Dumas

Monday Evening Quarterback

If you’re a man and you love sports, no need to keep searching, you’ve found your group! Come ready to discuss all things sports and how you can utilize its principles in real life.

Monday, 6 PM via Zoom
Led by Joe Dumas & Gerardo Cuevas


Young Adult Hangout

Perfect for your young adults, both men and women, all topics are on the table for this group. From spiritual to practical, surface level and intense, come hangout and connect.

Tuesday, 8:30 PM
Led by Nicolas Pinales & Emani Cutrer

Dangerous Prayers

This group will be going through Craig Groeschel’s book ‘Dangerous Prayers’. This group will challenge and enhance your prayer life.

Tuesday, 8:30 PM
Led by Albert & Becky Crispin

Mid-Week Bible Study

This group will change the way you read the Bible and give you a passion for God’s Word. Join Pastor Toby and experience an exciting, Spirit-led way to read scripture.

Wednesday, 7 PM via Zoom
Led by Pastor Toby Bowker


Game Night

If you’re a young adult who loves to play games and laugh while doing it, you just found your group. With a variety of games and competitions, expect this group to be fast-paced, competitive and a whole lot of fun. Every week a King and Queen are crowned. Do you have what it takes to take home the “W”?

Thursday, 6 PM
Led by Kasten & Kortnee Delgado

Food 4 Thought

Calling all foodies! From sharing recipes, discussing your favorites places to dine, and all things food, this group is for you. Prepare to be hungry!

Thursday, 6:30 PM
Led by Reg Evans

Faith & Fitness

This is the group for people who love Jesus and the outdoors. Single, married, men, or women, this group is open to anyone who loves to be active, and maybe even break a sweat every now and then.

Thursday, 7 PM
Led by Nick & Esmerelda Gavras


We Worship

If you love to worship, sing worship songs, discussing worship topics, listening to worship songs, you’re going to love this group.

Friday, 6 PM via Zoom
Led by Danty Duffy & Emilio King

Married Couples

This group is perfect for those looking to enhance their marriage. It’s an interactive, fun, group centered around building healthy marriages through biblical principles.

Friday, 7 PM
Led by Angel & Sarah Najerra

Gamers Unite

If you know terms like grinding, boss, glitches and farming, we’ve got the group for you. This will be Friday night gaming at its finest, starting with Minecraft and more. Each group member must have PlayStation and a good internet connection.

Friday, 8:30 PM
Led by Micah Smith


Praying Women

This group, designed for women, will teach you how to intercede, declare and enhance your prayer life, all according to God’s Word.

Sunday, 7 PM
Led by Jessica Larbie

Jogging 4 Jesus

If you love to get outside and exercise, no matter what fitness level you might be, beginning or advanced, this group is perfect for you. Bring your water, running shoes and get ready to jog in some of San Diego’s coolest spots.

Saturday, 10 AM
(location changes weekly)
Led by Daniel Daggett